Thursday, March 27, 2008

Twitter, continued again...

Beth talked about America's Giving Challenge... Beth started by blogging her ideas for winning the contest. Though there was a risk of other folks running with Beth's ideas... she's found that openness in the beginning is helpful.

Strategy was to make it personal. Not just about the charity, but the personal message of WHY this particular charity was connected to the fundraiser in a personal way.

Stories strategy: tell stories about the kids, the supporters and how they moved through levels of engagement, and about what was learned, mistakes, best practices.

Three Rs of Networking:
Relationship building

It's not support my cause... it's creating community.

Strategy: fun, easy.

What's better than a bday celebration? Beth asked folks to give $10.

Went to YouTube and tested four versions of videos:
* humorous
* 3 others

Twitter: can Beth get x number of folks to donate $10 by such and such a date?

Facebook: IDd evangelists fundraisers.

125 ppl donated
145 bday wishes
180 ppl clicked on Beth's baby birthday suit pic!

Beth's bday went, but still had time in the contest... so interacted with folks via blogs, twittering, etc. Beth fell into second place and did a Twitter run to put her back into first place.

Paypal integration really important. Makes it easier for folks to contribute.

Traditional campaign with Cambodia for Kids board members (did I get the right org name here?)--anyway, they did the face to face, pounding the pavement strategy.

Beth was unconnected from the internet for six hours on a flight... and landed to being on 5th place! Emergency outreach to her network... Twitter, Facebook, Hi5, bloggers came out--an Indian doctor retweeted Beth's request to thousands of other Indian doctors (in India) and they gave... and Beth/Cambodian Kids won!

Kids in Cambodia said "thank you."

Lessons learned:
Let the dogs out.
Stories work. Make it personal.
Urgency, fun, humor, competitive spirit. Thank people in fun and engaging ways.

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