Thursday, March 20, 2008

Social Media ROI: Humane Society United States

Panelist hired to strategize online social networking outreach, as well as paid online outreach strategies.

Most recently, HSUS uncovered abuses to downed cows at slaughterhouse that prompted largest beef recall in US history. Also involved with Michael Vick/dogfighting case.

Case story: Wanted to reach out to public during Vick case to raise issue of dogfighting. People looking for an outlet to express feelings on this issue. Needed low cost, high impact campaign that could be created on the fly to capitalize on public attention. Created "Knock out animal fighting" video contest on YouTube. Advertised on website, social networks, email list and television ads. Asked people to go to website, read info/contest rules, and create a video about how they felt about dogfighting/Vick case. Entered videos were posted the video as a response to HSUS ad--PSA done by Hulk Hogan. And then, folks filled out a form on the site to fill out a form to say that they submitted the video.

Two awards: picked by HSUS, and "people's choice" popular award. People's choice award allowed folks who didn't have equipment to create video could still vote--broader opportunity for participation.

Special page on website featured on homepage.

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Also made available banners for folks to add to their sites, directing their traffic to HSUS campaign.

Outcomes: Increased email file (don't spend any money on online advertising unless tied to listbuilding or donation campaign); raised awareness about dogfighting; obtained original content; gave people an issue that folks really wanted to do something about.

Tangible outcomes: 2200 submissions. 16,494 page views of video winner page on HSUS; 18500 people's choice award page (watch videos & vote); 90,000 of views of winning video. 22 videos submitted.

Intangible outcomes: Bloggers commenting, buzz online, conversation on MySpace, Facebook (both HSUS and "friends of" pages); what does the blogosphere think?

Measuring buzz: "Link love": Google search to find out who's linking to you. Most of the HSUS videos linked from Youtube; lesson to reach out more to bloggers. Looked at referring URLs (from StumbleUpon) though HSUS doesn't have a SU campaign.

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